Workout Wednesday #WOW2020 W20

What better way to do my first Workout Wednesday than with a challenge using Set Actions from the newly released Tableau v2020.2?

This challenge by Sean Miller uses Set Actions to add and remove States to a Set using the map and side panel.

It was a good intro to a feature I can definitely see myself using in the workplace. The steps I took are below.

Creating the Set

Create a Set from the States field. Unlike previous versions of Tableau, this now appears in the Tables (formerly Dimensions) pane.

Creating the map

Use the State field (not the Set) to generate the map and hide all layers, names, etc., from the Map Options menu.

The State Set is used in the colour pane.

You'll notice a 0 field in the Marks pane, I'll come to that later. 

Creating the viz for showing the selected States

I went with a bar chart. I used a generic field of MAX(1) to size the bar and edited the label to add 'x' in front of the State name.

Creating the KPIs

There were 3 KPIs to create, one for Sales, Orders and Customers. They all followed a similar approach and needed to show the % contribution by the selected States, their contributed value and the total value.

These are the formulas I used.


Sales 002 = INT(REPLACE([Sales], '$',''))

Sales Value = { SUM(IF [State Set] THEN [Sales 002] END) }

Total Sales = { FIXED : SUM([Sales 002]) }
% of sales = {SUM(IF [State Set] THEN [Sales 002] END)} / {SUM([Sales 002])}


Orders = { COUNTD(IF [State Set] THEN [Order ID] END) }

Total Orders = { FIXED : COUNTD([Order ID]) }

% of orders = { COUNTD(IF [State Set] THEN [Order ID] END) } / {COUNTD([Order ID])}


Customers = { COUNTD(IF [State Set] THEN [Customer Name] END) }

Total Customers = { FIXED : COUNTD([Customer Name]) }

% of customers = { COUNTD(IF [State Set] THEN [Customer Name] END) } / {COUNTD([Customer Name])}


Update tooltips as per original viz in the challenge.

Create dashboard and add actions

Once the dashboard was built I added the three dashboard actions.

Map to Set

This action adds values to the State Set when a State is selected on the Map. The issue with this interactivity is that when a State is selected, it is also highlighted and you need to select it again to remove the highlighting.

This is where the 0 and 1 fields come in. It's a neat trick I learnt from Marc Reid.

To use this create two calculated fields, [0] with a value of 0 and [1] with a value of 1. Place the 0 field into the Maps sheet and set it as a discrete dimension. Then apply the Clear Map dashboard action below.

Clear Map

This action automatically deselects a selected State on the map. It is because you are trying to filter on a value that doesn't exist, causing the map highlighting to reset (or at least that's how I interpret it!).

Clear Set

This dashboard action removes the States from the State Set upon selecting an item in the list.

Finalise dashboard

Apply remaining formatting to titles, etc.

Interact with the dashboard below or click here to view on my profile.